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M3 2013-01 Managing Your Law Practice Ethically


Managing Your Law Practice Ethically


Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst, Elizabeth A. Best, Great Falls;

An Overview of the Lawyer Disciplinary System and What You Should Know to Avoid Seeing It Firsthand, Shaun R. Thompson, Helena;

Legislative Update, James P. Carey, Helena;

Attorney Indemnifications and Ethical Implications, Jonathan McDonald, Helena;

Litigation Technology Update and Ethical Issues, Jim Ragain, Billings;

SAMI Smorgasbord, Michael F. Larson, Dillon and Jessica Polan, Kalispell;

Judicial Perspectives Panel Discussion, Hon. Justice James C. Nelson, Montana Supreme Court, Hon. Holly B. Brown, 18th Judicial District, Hon. Ingrid G. Gustafson, 13th Judicial District, Hon. Jim Reynolds, 1st Judicial District - Moderator: John Amsden, Bozeman;

Potential Changes in Rules of Professional Conduct, Betsy Brandborg, Helena;

Ethical Standards and Litigation Involving Political Campaigns, Jonathan R. Motl, Helena