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_Bike Helmets


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Bike Helmets For Montana Kids

Bicycle helmets can help prevent serious injuries to children and adults.  The Montana Trial Lawyers Association distributes nearly 1,000 bicycle safety helmets to children around Montana each year.  MTLA has given away over 9,000 bicycle helmets in the past ten years to children in grades K-8 throughout Montana. Here are a few of the reasons for this program.

We decided to try and help prevent kids from suffering brain injuries by providing helmets, free of charge, to kids across Montana.  Bike helmets are a simple and effective protection. We hope that by distributing a helmet kids will develop a safety habit that will protect them for the rest of their lives.   If a helmet protects just one kid from the tragedy of suffering a traumatic head injury, the program will be worth it.

We cannot provide enough helmets to fill all the needs in Montana, if you would like to help us provide more helmets for MTLA's Bike Helmet Program, please make a contribution.  Thanks to Bell we can purchase helmets for about $10.00 - a little money goes a long way with this program!
We have an adult help size the helmets for the kids so it protects the way it was intended.  And we encourage kids to wear their helmet every time they ride their bikes, now and in the future.  As we tell the kids: 
Your brain is the part of you that makes you, well YOU - it's your humor, your feelings, your smarts, your abilities, your personality - please protect it!

Our thanks to Bell Sports for giving special price breaks on bike helmets for this program and to our MTLA members who have contributed time and money to this program!