The recipients of MTLA's annual awards for excellence were announced in Missoula at MTLA's 2015 Annual Convention.

Trial Lawyer of the Year Award (Video Link)
Jamie Towe

For Outstanding Trial Advocacy

Career Achievement Award  
(Video Link)
Cliff Edwards


For His Dedication To Representing Innocent And Disadvantaged Victims, 
His Enduring Contributions To The Citizens Of Montana And The 
Of Law, And His Willingness To Pursue Small Cases That Have A 
Big Impact
On People's Lives Simply Because It's The Right Thing To Do

Appellate Advocacy Award  (Video Link)
Mark M. Kovacich and Justin Stalpes


For Outstanding Appellate Advocacy On Behalf of Montana’s Citizens

Outstanding New Lawyer Award  (Video Link)
Alex Rate

For Professional Excellence In Trial Practice

And Service To MTLA And Montana's Citizens

MTLA Past Presidents Council Award
Hon. John "Skeff" Sheehy

With Gratitude For Your Exemplary
Legacy Of Service To Montana


Al Smith Public Service Award  (Video Link)
Gene R. Jarussi


For The Extraordinary Pro Bono Services He Has
Performed On Behalf Of The Citizens Of Montana
To Enforce Montana's Election And Campaign Laws

Citizens Award (2) 

Tyson & Nicole Pallister (Video Link)


For Their Unwavering Efforts To Pursue Justice On Behalf
Of All Montanans In The Courtroom And The Legislature



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