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Get the Facts on the Civil Justice System  - Useful information from the American Association for Justice. In its defense of consumer rights and safety, AAJ confronts legislation and public assaults on the civil justice system every day. To learn more about a particular issue, please select the appropriate issue/factsheet section from the pull-down menu. Included on the pages are various factsheets on the issues.

Center for Justice & Democracy - Excellent fact sheets and studies on "tort reform" - Medical Malpractice Myths; the Real Insurance 'Crisis'; the failure of "tort reform" to lower premiums

Annual Study Confirms Lawsuits Save Millions of Lives - Center for Justice & Democracy 

People Over Profits - Grassroots group sponsored by the American Association for Justice, committed to fighting back against the well-organized and well-funded assault on the civil justice system, and protecting American civil rights and trial by jury.  When someone you love has been seriously injured or killed by a careless medical error or a defective product or drug, shouldn't you have the right to hold the wrongdoers accountable?

There's another side to the so-called insurance ‘crisis' in Montana
Guest Opinion, Great Falls Tribune, June 16, 2002
By Elizabeth Best, MTLA President
Civil Justice in Montana - KUFM Commentaries