MTLA Committees
MTLA has several committees through which members further the purposes of the organization.  The MTLA President appoints members to the committees and is an ex-officio member of all committees.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact the MTLA office.

If you wish to join the Consumer Law, Environmental Law or Workers' Compensation sections, click here.
Amicus  Reviews requests for amicus support and files amicus briefs primarily in the Montana Supreme Court.  Chair, Kurt Jackson of Great Falls, members are John Amsden, Larry Anderson, Bobby Anner-Hughes, Tim Bechtold, Domenic Cossi, Mike Eiselein, Karl Englund, John Heenan, Larry Howell, John Lacey, Keith Marr, Jonathan McDonald, Bill Rossbach, Jory Ruggiero, Pat Sheehy, and Justin Stalpes.

Consumer Law Section  Members sharing resources and expertise in area of consumer protection ranging from individual actions to class actions.  Chair, John Heenan of Billings.

Education  Plans MTLA seminars and other educational activities such as WebSeminars and the Trial Academy.  Chair, Anthony Jackson  of Bozeman, members are Mike Cok, Craig Daue, Matt Dodd, Lucas Foust, Liz Halverson, Neel Hammond, Kurt Jackson, Andrée Larose, Matt Murphy and Jim Ragain.
Environmental Law Section  Members sharing resources and expertise in supporting negotiations and litigation to protect Montana's environmental heritage.  Chair, Tim Bechtold of Misssoula.
Legislative  Prepares for legislative session and provides guidance to MTLA's lobbying efforts during sessions.  Chair,  Jamie Carey of Helena, members are Anders Blewett, Tim Bechtold, Karl Englund, Jim Hunt, Mike Lamb, Mike Meloy, Jamie Towe and Terry Trieweiler.


Membership  Heads efforts to recruit new members, retain current members and increase membership level participation.  Chair Pat Fox of Helena. 

Past Presidents Council  Composed of past presidents of MTLA, the Council is a means to retain leadership, counsel, experience and expertise of past leaders of MTLA.  The Council takes on special projects to strengthen MTLA.  Chair, Gene Jarussi of Billings.

Public Service   The committee spearheads the MTLA Bike Helmet Program and other efforts to serve Montana and the communities where we live.  
Trial Trends Editorial Board   Oversees article selection and editing of articles for the the publication of MTLA's quarterly magazine Trial Trends.  If you have article suggestions or other comments please contact the MTLA office.  Chair, Larry Howell of Missoula, members are
Tim Bechtold, Dan Buckley, Jonathan McDonald and Pat Sheehy.

Workers' Compensation Section  MTLA members representing claimants in the workers' compensation system.  Section has its own listserv and meets at each MTLA seminar and during the MTLA Annual Convention.  Section is active in administrative and legislative activities, and in supporting the efforts of the Montana Injured Workers Resource Council (MIWRC ).  Co-chairs, Dick Martin and Tom Murphy  of Great Falls.