MTLA Award Recipients



Trial Lawyer of The Year - Nathan Wagner, Missoula (Video Link)
Career Achievement Award - Tom Beers, Missoula (Video Link)
Appellate Advocacy Award - Pat Fox, Helena (Video Link)
Outstanding New Lawyer - Anthony Jackson, Bozeman (Video Link)
Al Smith Public Service Award - Representative Jenny Eck, Helena (Video Link)
Citizens Award - Jackie Gardner, Livingston (Video Link)



Trial Lawyer of the Year AwardMichael J. George and Jonathan McDonald (Video Link)

Career Achievement Award - Greg Munro  (Video Link)

Appellate Advocacy Award - Mike Meloy   (Video Link)

Outstanding New Lawyer Award - Domenic Cossi  (Video Link)

Al Smith Public Service Award - Jonathan Motl  (Video Link)

Citizens Award - Katrin Chandler, Betty Lannen, Joseph Miller, Polly Rex
and the Clark Fork Coalition 
(Video Link)




Trial Lawyer of the Year Award - Jamie Towe (Video Link)

Career Achievement Award - Cliff Edwards  (Video Link)

Appellate Advocacy Award - Mark Kovacich and Justin Stalpes  (Video Link)

Outstanding New Lawyer Award - Alex Rate  (Video Link)

MTLA Past Presidents Council Award - Hon. John "Skeff" Sheehy
With Gratitude For Your Exemplary 
Legacy Of Service To Montana

Al Smith Public Service Award - Gene R. Jarussi  (Video Link)

Citizens Award - Tyson & Nicole Pallister (Video Link)


Trial Lawyer of the Year Award - Mike Eiselein (Video Link)
Career Achievement Award - Alexander "Zander" Blewett III (Video Link)
Appellate Advocacy Award - John Morrison (Video Link)
Outstanding New Lawyer Award - Anders Blewett (Video Link)
Public Service Award - Patricia & Richard Freeland (Video Link)
Citizens Award (2) -
Bambi Schreckendgust - (Video Link)

Sonja Woods - (Video Link)

Trial Lawyer of the Year - Timothy B. Strauch and Ward E. “Mick” Taleff

Career Achievement Award - Randy Bishop

Appellate Advocacy - Roland B. Durocher

Public Service - Senator Larry Jent

Outstanding New Lawyer - Justin P. Stalpes

2014 Video Link (Password: awardsbs2014)


Trial Lawyer of the Year - Don Harris and Steve Harman (Video)

Career Achievement - Mike Meloy (Video)

Appellate Advocacy - Mike Eiselein (Video)

Public Service - Justice Jim Nelson (Video)

Outstanding New Lawyer - Jonathan McDonald  (Video)
Citizens Award - Donaldson Plaintiffs: Mary Anne Guggenheim and Jan Donaldson of Helena, Stacey Haugland and Mary Leslie of Bozeman, Mike Long and Rich Parker of Bozeman, MJ Williams and Nancy Owens of Basin, Rick Wagner and Gary Stallings of Butte, Denise Boettcher and Kellie Gibson of Laurel and Peggy Ash and Kelly Hurston of Belgrade. (Video)


Trial Lawyer of the Year - Syd McKenna video
Career Achievement - Tom Lewis video
Appellate Advocacy - Larry Anderson and Amy Eddy video
Public Service - Attorney General Steve Bullock video
Citizens Award - Reichert plaintiffs: Arlene Reichert, Wade Dahood, Jean Bowman, Patricia Rosenleaf, Susan Lubbers, Joan Hurdle, Robert Filipovich, Karen Richardson, Dale McGarvey, Judy Mathre, Milly Gutkoski, Gladys Hardin, Louise Davis and Merlin Davis. Attorneys for the plaintiffs, Mike Meloy and Larry Anderson. Video


Trial Lawyer of the Year -  David Paoli  
Career Achievement Award -  Terry Trieweiler    
Appellate Advocacy Award -  Terry Trieweiler   
Public Service Award -  Governor Brian Schweitzer  
Citizens Award - Elouise Cobell


Trial Lawyer of the Year - Terry Trieweiler
Career Achievement Award - Dennis Conner  
Appellate Advocacy Award - Jim Hunt and Jonathan McDonald 
Public Service Award - Don Judge
Citizens Award - Jessica Malcolm;  Marvin Haines


Trial Lawyer of the Year - Jim Manley
Career Achievement Award - Gene Jarussi 
Appellate Advocacy Award - Phil Hohenlohe, Beth Brenneman and Jim Reynolds 
Public Service Award - Al Smith
Citizens Award - Janelle McDonald

Trial Lawyer of the Year - Elizabeth Best
Career Achievement Award - Theodore "Russ" Dunn
Appellate Advocacy Award - Tom Lewis, David Slovak, Mark Kovacich  
Public Service Award - John Morrison
Citizens Award - D. J. Price, Richard Pressler, Steve Feuerstein

Trial Lawyer of the Year - Alexander (Zander) Blewett III
Career Achievement Award - Hon. Richard Anderson
Appellate Advocacy Award - Alexander (Zander) Blewett III & Joseph Cosgrove  
Public Service Award - Mike Meloy
Citizens Award - Hon. John C. Harrison, Hon. William Hunt Sr., Eric Feaver  


Trial Lawyer of the Year - Larry Cozzens
Career Achievement Award - Ed Moriarity
Public Service Award - Senator Mike Wheat
Citizens Award - Aaron D. Chatten 

Trial Lawyer of the Year: Tom Lewis, David Slovak & Mark Kovacich
Appellate Advocacy: Tom Murphy
Career Achievement: Honorable Gordon Bennett
Public Service Award: Honorable Jim Regnier
Citizens Award: Richard Barber

Trial Lawyer of the Year: Jim Hunt
Appellate Advocacy Award: Larry Elison, Mike Meloy & Jennifer Hendricks
Public Service Award: Jim Molloy & Brain Gallik
Citizens Award: Tamara Kittleson-Aldred and Melody Jeffries Peters

Trial Lawyer of the Year: Kurt Jackson
Appellate Advocacy Award: Randy Bishop and Greg Munro
Career Achievement Award: Judge John McCarvel
Public Service Award: Terry Trieweiler
Citizens Award: Fran Marceau

Trial Lawyer of the Year: Rick Anderson
Appellate Advocacy Award: Laurie Wallace
Career Achievement Award: Milt Datsopoulos
Public Service Award: Pat and Carol Williams
Citizens Award: Kathy Sampson

Trial Lawyer of the Year: Gene R. Jarussi, Thomas E. Boland and Jeremiah C. Lynch
Appellate Advocacy Award: Tom Lewis
Career Achievement Award: Dale McGarvey
Public Service Award: Senator Stephen Doherty
Citizens Award: No Award Given

Trial Lawyer of the Year: Joe Bottomly

Appellate Advocacy Award: Lawrence A. Anderson
Public Service Award: Justice William Hunt Sr.
Career Achievement Award: Justice William Hunt Sr.
Citizens Award: Pete Sherner, Gayla Bennefield, Alice Priest, Robbin Redman, Les Skramstad, Don Judge, Jim Jensen and Bonnie Gestring

Trial Lawyer of the Year: Erik Thueson
Public Service Award: Patricia O'Brien Cotter
Career Achievement Award: C.W. Leaphart Jr.
Citizens Award: Ike, Joanie and Cacey Eisentraut

Trial Lawyer of the Year: Palmer Hoovestal and David Ness
Nominees: Palmer Hoovestal and David Ness, Allan McGarvey, Dale McGarvey, John Morrison
Public Service Award: Patricia Cotter, MTLA Amicus Committee
Nominees: Patricia Cotter, MTLA Amicus Committee
Career Achievement Award: Frank B. Morrison, Jr.
Citizens Award: Advisory Committee for the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company Class Action (Bobbie Gilmore, Revo Somersille, Gary Saurey, Roger Beck, Joe Smith, Rita McLeod, Chris Finberg, Jim Goble, Terry Berardi)


Trial Lawyer of the Year: Roger M. Sullivan
Nominees: Joe Bottomly, Norm Newhall
Public Service Award: Russell B. Hill
Nominees: Appleseed Foundation, Jonathan Motl, Russell B. Hill
Career Achievement Award: William T. Kelly
Nominees: William T. Kelly, Frank Morrison, Russ Dunn, Rich Anderson, Jack Moore
Citizens Award: Butte Water Class Action Steering Committee


Trial Lawyer of the Year: Clifford Edwards
Nominees: Clifford Edwards, Sid McKenna, Erik Thueson
Public Service Award: Randy Bishop
Career Achievement Award: Lloyd Skedd
Nominees: Lloyd Skedd, Frank Morrison, Rich Anderson
Citizens Award: Rosa Myre


Trial Lawyer of the Year: Bill Rossbach
Nominees: Bill Rossbach, Jim Regnier, Roger M. Sullivan
Public Service Award: Tom Boland
Nominees: Randy Bishop, Gene Jarussi, Judge Larry Moran
Career Achievement Award: Roland "Laddie" Colgrove
Nominees: Dick Bottomly, Frank Morrison
Citizens Award: Roxanne Rowe
Nominees: Joanne Werre, mother of prison-riot victim

Trial Lawyer of the Year: Zander Blewett
Nominees: Zander Blewett, Tom Lewis
Public Service Award: State Auditor Mark O Keefe
Career Achievement Award: Wade Dahood.
Nominees: Rosemary Boschert, R. Lewis Brown, Russ Dunn, Judge Joseph Gary, Bill Kelly, Judge Mark Sullivan
Citizens Award: Jill Blunt


Trial Lawyer of the Year: Don Molloy
Nominees: Rich Anderson, Beth Best, Zander Blewett, Tom Boland, Cliff Edwards, Mick McKeon, Steve Roberts, Bill Rossbach
Public Service Award: Klaus Sitte
Nominees: Jerome Cate
Career Achievement Award: John Hoyt
Citizens Award: Robert Jones


Trial Lawyer of the Year: Monte Beck
Nominees: Zander Blewett, Mike Cotter, Cliff Edwards, John Hoyt
Public Service Award: MTLA Amicus Committee (Bill Leaphart, Pat Cotter, John Richardson, Dave Paoli, John Whiston)
Career Achievement Award: Gene Huntley
Citizens Award: Stephen Weber


Trial Lawyer of the Year: Dennis Conner
Public Service Award: People's Law School sponsors (Mike Alterowitz, Monte Beck, Tom Beers, Joe Bottomly, Dean Martin Burke, Mike Cok, Don Molloy, Helene Orenstein, Bill Rossbach, Mike Wheat)
Other: Judge Joseph Gary "For His Outstanding Contributions to the Montana Legal System"

Public Service Award:Hon. James Battin, Hon. John Sheehy


Trial Lawyer of the Year:Bill Madden
Distinguished Service Award: Wade Dahood

Trial Lawyer of the Year:Mike Sherwood
Distinguished Service Award: Jim Goetz, Bill Madden, Ted Dunn