Exhibits Submitted With Atmospheric Trust Petition

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  The Case for Young People and Nature -
Summary of the Science
  KUFM Commentary: Litigation For Future Generations  
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Affidavits of Petitioners:
a. Kip Barhaugh
b. Tom Bechtold
c. Ryan Busse
d. Graden Hahn and Jamul Hahn
e. Emily Howell
f. Larry Howell
g. Maylinn Smith
h. John Thiebes

1.3 MB
2 Montana DEQ, Final Environmental Impact Statement, Highwood Generating Station, date January 2007 (Only the Abstract, Executive Summary, and Chapter 3: Affected Environment; 3.3.6 Global Climate Change, are included herein).  1.2 MB
3 Documents from the Montana Department of Quality Website:
a. Climate Change in Montana
b. Climate Change and the Data
c. Climate Change and Natural Resources
130 KB
4 Montana Supreme Court Case Processing Measures, Quarterly Report, July-September 2010; and Definitions of Montana District Court Case Types,Case Opening and Closing, and Time Reference Points, May 2010. 268 KB
5 Dr. Frank Ackerman, Senior Economist SEI-US Tufts University,Congressional Testimony, dated 4/22/09. 631 KB
6 Letter from Governor Schweitzer to Richard Opper, dated 12/13/05. 90 KB
7 Montana Climate Change Action Plan, dated November 2007 (excluding appendices). 5.6 MB
8 Transcript of Proceedings Before the Board of Environmental Review of theState of Montana, dated 1/14/10. 366 KB
9 Board of Environmental Review, Notice of Termination of Rukemaking (Air Quality), MAR 17-299, January 19, 2010. 37 KB