MTLA Winter Seminar

Preparing Your Case to Win at Trial



February 9, 2018

Great Northern Hotel 

835 Great Northern Blvd.
Helena, MT


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Seminar Co-chairs:
Jonathan King and Anne Sherwood, Helena

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Topics and Speakers


The Future is Now: Getting the Most Out of Montana Supreme Court E-Filing
Rex Renk, Helena


Your Most Powerful Tool: 30(b)(6) Depositions
Mark Kosieradzki, Plymouth, MN


Leading a Horse to Water: Deposition Etiquette
Pamela Pantages, Cleveland, OH


Using 30(b)(6) Depositions to Find Missing Documents
Mark Kosieradzki, Plymouth, MN


David v. Goliath: Congressional Race Update
John Heenan, Billings


Things District Judges Wish You Knew
Panel:   Hon. Luke M. Berger, Fifth Judicial District; Hon. Rienne H. McElyea, Eighteenth Judicial District; Hon John W. Parker, Eighth Judicial District; Moderator: Hon. Elizabeth A. Best, Eighth Judicial District


The Code of Judicial Conduct and How It Could Affect Your Practice (ethics credit)
Hon. Patricia O'Brien Cotter, Helena


Use of Consultants and Video Depositions at Trial

Betsy Griffing, Helena


Disability Insurance in Serious Injury Claims: The Intersection of Tort and Contract Law
Jonathan McDonald, Helena